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So you want to have your wisdom teeth extracted and you are wondering how much that is going to set you back. If you are like me and has shopped around, called a couple of dental offices in Houston Texas and they have all given you various prices for the same wisdom teeth removal and now you are confused and wondering. Why are some Dental Offices cheap and some so expensive? Whats up with the cheap options and why are the more costly ones so expensive? Are the expensive dental offices just overcharging me and too expensive for no reason or for a particular reason or the cheap ones are cheap because they are simply bad quality? Obviously you do not want to go to a cheap dentist only to suffer pain and unnecessary long healing time keeping you down and away from work at the expense of just a couple of dollars.

How Much Does Wisdom Teeth Removal cost?

How Much does a wisdom teeth removal cost what factors would generally affect how a dentist would charge for a wisdom teeth removal. Hold on tight you are about to find out why two dental offices located just 500 ft away from each other in Houston TX would charge such a dis parring cost for wisdom teeth removal.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Break down

wisdom teeth removal cost houston

An array of multiple factors or condition later discussed in thi article  may influence the cost of a wisdom teeth removal, it should be noted that wisdom teeth removal is categorized by the American dental Association into about 6 different categories to make the case simpler for patients and provider based on a number of different factors. Understanding which category you fall into is the first step in narrowing down your total wisdom tooth removal costs as diagnosed by the dentist. It would then be easier for you to understand the dentist Diagnosis and the cost attributed to it.

Simple Wisdom teeth Removal Cost $150-250

Simple wisdom teeth extractions are those of fully erupted teeth with simple roots and normal positioning. These are usually categorized using ADA codes 7140 (Extraction, erupted tooth) and 7210 (extraction, erupted tooth with removal of bone) When you factor in all the determinants listed above, The cost of a simple wisdom tooth removal as a single isolated service may be $150-250 but the total cost may increase the total cost significantly when you consider other stuffs like  anesthesia usually administered for patients with dental anxiety.

From here on, most wisdom tooth extractions are considered “surgical wisdom tooth extractions” 

Surgical Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost $250-300

Surgical Wisdom Tooth Extraction Costs
7220 (Impacted wisdom tooth removal tooth soft tissue) Surgical removal of a single wisdom tooth with soft tissue impaction usually costs $200-300.

Surgical Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost with Possible complications > $350

Surgical Extraction Costs full  Bony Impaction
7230(extraction, impacted tooth partially bony) and 7240(extraction, impacted tooth completely bony) : Removing a single bony impacted wisdom tooth requires surgical extraction that usually costs $275-500.

Overhead Costs.

Outside of the stated figures above, wisdom teeth removal may accrue some overhead costs like dental consultation fee, x-ray or CT-scan in addition to the fee for the service. In cases where local anesthesia wasn’t used, general sedation will also increase the cost.

Factors determining Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

The primary process starts with consultation and x-ray or CT- Scan. Without insurance one can expect around 300$ during these initial procedure. CT-Scan is generally more expensive than X-ray. Keem Smile dentistry Would wave this fee for you provided you do the treatment with us. 

Initial consultation and x-ray or 3D-Scan


 The primary process starts with consultation and x-ray or 3D- Scan. Without insurance one can expect around 300$ during these initial procedure. 3D-Scan is generally more expensive than X-ray. Keem Smile dentistry Would wave this fee for you provided you do the treatment with us if you do not have insurance coverage. If you do have some form of insurance coverage, your  insurance usually covers the cost thus reducing the overall wisdom teeth removal cost

Condition of the Wisdom Tooth: 


Generally, conditions common with wisdom teeth like Tooth decay, cyst formation, infection et cetera will usually not influence the cost of a wisdom teeth removal directly. But indirectly, they might mean that additional procedures need to be done thereby increasing the overall wisdom teeth removal cost

The Tilt of the Tooth


The angle at which the tooth tilts affect the ease with which it’s removed hence the cost. Vertical (upright) and mesio-angular (leaning forward) impactions are typically easier to remove than disto-angular (tilted backward) or horizontal (sideways) ones.

Insurance Coverage for wisdom tooth removal

Depending on the type of Insurance, wisdom teeth removal might be covered between a 100% or 50% or not at all. Also, their is usually a negotiated fee with the office This helps control out-of-the-pocket expenses considerably. Contact keem smile Dentistry to discuss your insurance options and how to maximise your benefits.

Type of Surgeon or Dentist for wisdom teeth removal

Depending on the tilt and depth of the tooth, wisdom teeth removal might require the services of a specialized Dentist.  In some cases, the tooth is located very close to the mandibular nerve near the lower jaw which when damaged would lead to lack of sensitivity to touch or feels around that area  or other sensitive areas like the sinus on the upper jaw. Because of the risk attached to this kind of surgery, services of a specialised Dentist is often required. An Oral Surgeon would generally carry out this kind of surgery. These can Contribute an up to 50% increment in the cost of wisdom teeth removal.

Tooth depth

  • Tooth Depth : Obviously, the deeper the positioning of a tooth, the more bone tissue that must be removed to reach it. Deeply positioned teeth are more likely to be near anatomical obstacles such as nerves or sinuses. If so, the risk for surgical complications involving them is higher too and as such might require a special kind of dentist to carry out the wisdom teeth removal and hence a higher cost 

Type of Sedation or Anesthesia Used


Since wisdom teeth removal sometimes  involves a surgical intercession, sedation or anesthesia is necessary to help manage pain during the procedure. Local anesthesia would not lead to an increase in the wisdom teeth removal cost but in the case of patients with dental anxiety, they might need to be put to sleep via General anesthesia. There are different types of anesthesia you can choose from. The cost can more than double base on the type of anesthesia used.  Would i need to be put to sleep to get my wisdom teeth removed  ?

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