January 3, 2020


By Akeem Ajayi D.D.S


Having a loose crown can be a stressful experience. However, knowing what to do can help to alleviate your concerns and get you back on track to enjoying life without having to worry about your teeth. If you have more questions, call Keem Smile at 832-906-6127 today to schedule an appointment with Keem Smile Dentistry. With over 10 years in the field and a known quality provider, Dr. Ajayi can help you with all your dental needs.

If you have had a Dental crown, or known somebody who has, it is likely that you may have heard, or felt some trepidation about a crown becoming loose. A loose crown can happen at any moment. The recommended solution is to book an appointment with your Dentist Immediately but it is also important to know options on what to do if you suddenly find yourself in that situation.

What You will Learn about loose crown

Why Do Dental Crown Become loose in the first place ?

Crowns can become loose for a variety of reasons. Traumatic injuries or impacts, an old and broken crown, tooth decay, lack of dental care, or sticky foods can all lead to a loose crown. 

There is also the obvious case of when the Dentist makes a mistake during the crown prep or installation.

If you also grind or clench your teeth, you may also be more susceptible to your dental crown becoming loose. If the underlying tooth structure changes such that the crown does not fit like it was designed to usually because of lack of dental care or bone loss, your dental crown can also become loose and fall off easily.

You may feel these symptoms when a Dental crown is loose

There are many signs that your crown may be getting loose. Sometimes patients can physically feel a difference in how their crown is fitting or it may wobble on the tooth. Other patients experience increased sensitivities or notice irritation of the gums around the crown.

When a Dental Crown is Loose but it Does not Fall Out

A Dental crown may be loose or feels loose in your mouth but it has not fallen out yet. While this is a sign of bad things to come because Dental crowns are not supposed to be loose, there is little that can be done other than to place close attention to the loose crown and your chewing. Just so you can save it if and when it eventually falls off. Dentist do not like to force crowns out unless it falls by itself. This is because of the risk of damaging the crown itself or the underlying tooth.

Don’t Play with the Crown

If your crown has just become loose on the tooth but hasn’t come off, do as much as you can to minimize moving the crown. This can mean taking active steps to avoid foods that are sticky and reduce clenching your teeth. Also, when you eat, if you chew on the opposite side, it can help to reduce the potential of further damage.

When a Dental Crown is Loose and it Falls Out

If your Dental crown ever becomes loose that it completely falls off.  Without being loose, Dental crowns can also come loose and fall of when flossing, brushing or eating. Here are some steps that you can take right away to try to salvage the crown and the tooth.

Locate the Crown

patient holding a dental crown that becomes loose and falls off

If the crown falls off inside your mouth pay extra attention so as not to not bite on it and damage it. Also try no to swallow the crown. If you swallow the crown, you will most likely pass it through your system and you will need to acquire a new crown.

If it falls out of your mouth, take the time to find it. When you locate the crown, try to clean it with your toothbrush. Be sure to put it in a cup or someplace to keep it safe and not lose it.

If the Dental crown is damaged

If your dental crown is broken into pieces and your teeth are too sensitive, you may be able to place a coating of dental cement over the tooth to help protect it, even without the crown. If this doesn’t work, many patients can also use a piece of sugar free gum to wrap around the tooth. However, these solutions may only last a few hours, so it is important to have your dental appointment scheduled immediately.

How to Fix a Loose crown

Temporary dental cement for when a dental crown is loose
  1. Clean out whatever cement that might be stuck in the crown with your tooth brush
  2. Dry the crown and the tooth with a gauze pad
  3. Apply some temporary Dental cement in the crown and seat it back on the teeth
  4. Place a gauze on it and bite down hard for 5 mins until the cement sets

There is little that can be done with a loose crown that has not fallen out. because we want to resist the temptation to force the tooth out as that increases the risk of damaging the crown or tooth. If the crown falls of cleanly and the tooth structure is still intact, do the above:

Use Temporary Dental Cement if the Crown is still in good condition

when a dental crown is loose put temporary dental cement

If your dentist can’t fit you in for a few days, ask if you can use dental cement. Dental cement can be useful in holding a crown temporarily in place so that you don’t lose it or expose the tooth to damage or infection. Many patients also find that this dental cement can also help to reduce food or temperature sensitivities like hot and cold. However, dental cement is not intended to be used as a long-term solution, so don’t just put on the dental cement without making an appointment with your dentist.

Talk to Your Dentist

A loose crown can sometimes qualify as a dental emergency depending on your situation, so it is important to notify your dentist right away. If you are experiencing extreme pain or discomfort, your dentist may work to fit you into their already busy schedule to make sure that you’re taken care of. If your issues don’t qualify as a medical emergency, your dentist can get you scheduled for their next available appointment. This helps many patients to know when the problem will be resolved, but what should you do in the meantime?

Repairing the Crown.

Many dental crowns can simply be repaired by your dentist. Your dentist will inspect the crown and the underlying tooth to make sure that they are still in good shape. Many crowns often fail only because of the cement that was originally used. This means that your dentist can clean the tooth and crown, place new cement and replace the crown.

Frequently asked questions.

No! you are better off letting your Dentist evaluate it first. If its loose enough that it comes off easily without damaging the crown or the undelying tooth strucrure the Dentist would remove it, clean it out and re-cement the crown. You risk damaging the tooth if you pull it put and you cannot put it back on accurately.

When a loose crown is accompanied with some form of pain or sensitivity, it is likely that some part of the tooth has been exposed paving way for air and water to get in contact with the tooth which is the most probable cause. It should be noted that the Enamel was shaved down and replaced with the crown and once the crown no longer fits the tooth properly, the Dentin may have been exposed

Yes loose Crown can be repaired. Broken or damaged crown cannot be repaired Provided the crown is not damaged and the tooth structure underneath is still intact. A loose crown can easily be cleaned out and re-cemented on the toothh in a 15Min Dental procedure in our office

Yes Dental crowns can become loose but this is not very common. Crowns can become loose for a variety of reasons such as traumatic injuries or impacts, an old and broken crown, tooth decay, lack of dental care, or sticky foods, tooth clenching and grinding can all lead to a loose crown. 

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