Tooth Extraction Cost Without Insurance Houston TX

Tooth extraction cost without insurance in Houston TX ranges from $150 - $400 depending on a number of factors.

Toothache is horrible trust me i know. The tooth is hurting! You need the tooth pulled immediately but you do not have Dental insurance and you are wondering how much it is going to cost.

To understand the cost of a tooth extraction, we have to understand the Dentist billing structure and how dentists usually charge for those services and which services are usually involved in the tooth extraction process so you can better understand the total cost.

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Tooth Extraction Costs Without Insurance Break Down

Prior to the tooth extraction procedure itself, you’ll need to undergo Dental Exam and radiographic imaging so as to verify the condition of the tooth and to confirm the specific tooth that is causing the pain. The Dentist also has to check if it's possible to save the tooth before it is being pulled. The Doctor Will then goes on to explain and have you sign consent. Anesthesia is Administered and the tooth is pulled. Pain Medication and antibiotics is prescribed, and a Post op is schedule. A Cost break down of this goes like this.

Initial Exam / Consultation for Tooth Extraction

Your first visit, this is known as consultation / exam. This is when you visit your Dentist office to learn about the condition of your teeth, how it's growing, any risks associated with the tooth removal and all other need to know. The Dentist will have to do an exam first and educate you during your first visit. Typically for patients with some form of insurance, most insurance pays for the consultation at 100% but patients without insurance have to pay this fee out of pocket. Most offices in the greater Houston area charge from $20 - $100 for an oral Exam but at Keem smile Dentistry 6434 highway 6 N our patients without insurance get a free Examination

Full bony impacted and partial bony impacted wisdom teeth Dental xray

Cost of X-ray / Radiograph for Tooth Extraction

As you may already know, only ⅓ of a tooth typically shows in the mouth. The rest of the tooth, the neck and roots of the tooth below the gum line. Some tooth have infected roots, some have curved roots, and some are touching on the nerve or inside the sinus. Because of these reasons and more, Dentist require an X-ray of the teeth for diagnosis and prevent any surprises during surgery. Extractions without radiograph is like going in blind. It is not safe. Most offices usually charge around $20 to $500 dollars for the cost of the radiograph. depending on the type that's required. Periapical X-rays are cheaper than Panoramic x-rays while 3d Images are the most expensive. For patients without Dental insurance, the cost of radiograph will add up to the total cost for a tooth extraction without insurance.

tooth extraction with local anethesia

Cost of Anesthesia for Tooth Extraction

As far as choice of Anesthesia goes, you have multiple options to choose from depending on your level of anxiety and of course your budget. Patients can choose between 

  • Intravenous anesthesia
  • General anesthesia, 
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation 
  • Oral Sedation and
  • local anesthesia
  • General Anesthesia is usually the most intense and of course the most expensive of all options. General anesthesia can increase the cost of tooth extraction without insurance by as much as $1200. Keem Smile Dentistry currently only offers Local anesthesia and Oral sedation. The Doctor numbs the tooth that need to be pulled and pulls it out safely without the patient feeling any pain and of course Keem Smile Dentistry does not charge our patients without insurance for local anesthesia to remove their tooth.

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    Tooth Extraction Cost Without Insurance

    Tooth Extraction cost for patients without insurance in Houston TX at Keem smile dentistry in 2022 ranges from $150 - $400 with an average cost of $250 depending on the condition of the tooth being extracted. Sometimes, the tooth may be impacted, this essentially means the tooth is covered partly or in whole by gums, bones or another tooth. Sometimes the tooth may be cracked, broken or rotten to the gum line which increases the challenge of getting to the tooth to remove it and hence the cost of removing the tooth. The tooth may also be a loose tooth which makes it relatively easy to remove so the cost will depend on the condition of the tooth

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    Post Operative Care costs for Tooth Extraction

    After your tooth has been removed, depending on the type of surgery and the conditions arising during or after the surgery, it is not unusual for patients to have to come back to the office for a follow up visit. Sometimes it might just be as simple as for the Doctor to take a look and make sure healing is proceeding as it should, it could be to remove a stitch or to take care of Dry socket. Whatever the case maybe, post op visit is not unusual and patients with Insurance usually get their Dental insurance to cover all of these cost for them. Patient without Dental Insurance on the other hand might get charged office visit fee and consultation fee which adds to the total tooth extraction cost without insurance. Do not forget post operative X Rays may also be required sometimes.  Post op care at Keem smile dentistry is Free we take care of our patients from the time they walk-in till they no longer need us.


    Emergency Tooth Extraction Cost

    The cost of an emergency tooth extraction for patients without insurance is thesame as the cost for a tooth extraction when it is not an emergency. The condition of the tooth is is what determines the total cost of the extraction not if it is an mergency or not. There are no fees associated with an emergency visit our goal is to get you out of pain as soon as possible while fitting you in our schedule and making sure our patients that have an appointment are not displeased. On average, an emergency tooth extraction in Houston TX costs between $150 and $250. A surgical extraction requiring the removal of gum tissue or bone could be more especially if it's the wisdom teeth.

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    How to Pay for Tooth Extractions Without Insurance

    Having Dental Insurance can help to cover some of the cost of emergency dental extractions and additional fees for other treatments such as Exams, X-rays and Anesthesia. Patients that need emergency tooth extraction, but no Insurance will have to pay out of pocket, but they can apply for our 6 months no interest Financing Options to make payments. We also offer Free Exam and X-ray for patients without insurance that need emergency tooth extraction so there are no costs for additional services other than the tooth extraction itself. It's our way of working with you to make our extractions affordable.

    Additional Cost of Tooth Extraction 

    There is no additional cost associated with tooth extraction without insurance in our Dentist Office Keem Smile Dentistry on 6434 HWY 6 N, Houston TX 77084. Instead, patients that need additional services like replacement of the tooth or services like bone grafting after tooth extraction get rewarded with multiple services discount* because we appreciate you for choosing us. 

    Healing after a tooth extraction

    Following an emergency tooth extraction, it’s crucial to carefully follow the post-operative recommendations to ensure a quick and pain-free recovery. Gum healing begins immediately after the creation of a blood clot, and it typically takes two to six weeks for your gums to fully heal. The length of time it takes for you to heal depends on a variety of factors, including your body’s natural healing power, the size of the wound, the difficulty of extracting the tooth, and the underlying reason for the tooth extraction

    Call Keem Smile Dentistry If you need a tooth extraction and have no insurance.


    Given all the services associated with tooth removal cost without insurance its plain to see how we have tried to simplify the process for our patients with a flat fee so there are no hidden cost or charges. Patient with Insurance are also welcome at Keem smile Dentistry as we are in Network with most PPO insurances. For dental emergencies, we offer same-day appointments. If your emergency occurs when our office is closed, you must seek assistance at the local emergency room and then contact our office.

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