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How much does tooth extractions cost in Houston TX and what factors may affect the price

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How much does a tooth extraction cost in Houston?

If you are resident of the greater Houston area and you are experiencing significant issues with your teeth and need to have one or two removed, you may wonder about the cost of tooth extractionTooth extraction costs at Keem Smile Dentistry Houston TX range between $150 to $400 per tooth.

While it is not possible to give the exact cost of tooth extraction without seeing the tooth or having a Dentist do an Exam or reviewing the X-ray of the tooth. The average cost of a tooth extraction is $250 per tooth. Depending on a number of factors, it may be less or it may be more.

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Types of Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions can be generally categorized into simple extractions and surgical extractions. However, for billing purposes, Dentists generally categorize extractions into more categories depending on which tooth it is and the condition of the tooth. All of which has different costs.

Simple Tooth Extraction Costs $150 - $250

 It involves using an instrument called an elevator to loosen the tooth. The dentist will then pull the tooth out using forceps. Most of the time, you just need an injection of local anesthetic, but you can also receive a sedative if you are particularly nervous. These conditions would usually qualify for a simple extraction

  • The removal of a soft tissue retained coronal remnant of primary tooth.

  • The removal of an erupted (or visible) tooth, or one with a root that has been exposed due to trauma, bone loss or decay
  • The removal of erupted tooth requiring removal of bone and/or sectioning of tooth, and including elevation of mucoperiosteal flap if indicated

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Surgical Tooth Extraction Costs $250 - $400

You may need a surgical extraction if your tooth is broken off at the gum line or it has not yet erupted and gum tissues still covers the tooth, an incision is required to expose the tooth for removal. Similarly, if bone covers part of the tooth, the Dentist/surgeon will remove bone to fully expose and extract the tooth. Depending on if the tooth is covered by gum tissues or bone, surgical tooth extraction costs are typically classified based on which of the below conditions the tooth falls in:

Soft Tissue Impacted Tooth Extraction Costs $250 - $350

When the impacted wisdom tooth has grown above the upper border of the jawbone but is still covered by any gum tissue, the condition is called a soft tissue impaction. For tooth in these conditions, the tooth extraction costs typically ranges from $250-$300

Partial Bony Impacted Tooth Extraction Costs $300 - $350

If any part of the crown i.e. That portion of tooth normally covered by, and including, enamel (see tooth anatomy above) is covered by bone. It follows that “part of the crown” should be interpreted as “less than 50% of the entire crown”. This tooth extraction costs ranges from  $250-$350


Complete Bony Impacted Tooth Extraction Costs $350 - $400

A full / complete bony impacted tooth is when more than 50% of the tooth crown is covered in bone If of the crown i.e. the  That portion of tooth normally covered by, and including, enamel is covered by bone. It follows that “part of the crown” should be interpreted as “less than 50% of the entire crown”. This tooth extraction costs ranges from  $250-$350

Affordable tooth extraction is the goal. But determining the cost of a tooth extraction depends on a variety of factors, which can only be determined by a having a dental exam, Some of such factors that can affect the total cost of  a tooth extraction includes:

  • The type of tooth (e.g. molar, incisor) and type of  extraction (simple or surgical)
  • Condition of the tooth if the tooth is broken, fractured or impacted.
  • Possibility for complications such as nerve damage and sinus exposure
  • The location of the tooth, gum health and previous procedures performed on that tooth can also affect the cost.
  • Insurance coverage: Depending on the kind of extraction required, simple or surgical your insurance may cover it fully or partially or may not cover it at all
  • Overhead costs: Sedation, CBCT scan, medication and after care
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