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Have you ever experienced the relentless agony of a rotten tooth? That sharp, persistent pain that seems to go off and on? If you are among the lucky that your wisdom tooth is not hurting, you should know that Rotten tooth can become breeding grounds for infections, spreading their harmful effects throughout your entire body. The need for rotten tooth extraction becomes apparent as we delve into the extraction procedure, what to expect as well as cost.

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What is a rotten tooth?

rotten tooth extraction view from the occlusal surface

A rotten tooth is a tooth that has been damaged by decay. Decay is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and feed on sugar. The decay progressively eats away at the tooth’s protective layers called the enamel thus exposing sensitive dentin and or the nerve leading to persistent pain and sensitivity. As the decay worsens, an unpleasant odor emanates from the decaying tooth, and surrounding gum tissues may become inflamed or infected. Left untreated, a rotten tooth can pose serious risks to oral health, compromising adjacent teeth and potentially spreading infection to surrounding tissues.

Why is a rotten Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Rotten teeth pose serious oral health risks, including infection, pain, and damage to neighboring teeth. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the jawbone and surrounding tissues, leading to more extensive procedures. Rotten tooth extraction is a necessary dental procedure aimed at restoring oral health and alleviating pain caused by decayed teeth. When a tooth becomes extensively decayed, traditional dental treatments like fillings or root canals may no longer be viable options. In such cases, extracting the rotten tooth becomes crucial to prevent further complications. By removing the decayed tooth, the source of infection and pain is eliminated, reducing the risk of spreading infection to nearby teeth and gums.

What to Expect During a rotten tooth extraction.

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Because a tooth is rotten does not mean it is going to be more painful to remove, in fact sometimes a rotten tooth extraction is a simple extraction. Numbing your tooth is the first step during a rotten tooth extraction procedure. The dentist will apply topical anesthesia and Local Anesthesia to make sure it doesn’t hurt. This makes the area around your tooth feel numb, like when your leg falls asleep. It stops the nerves from telling your brain that it hurts. So, even though you might feel some pressure, you won’t feel any pain while the dentist is working on your tooth. Once Numb the extraction can be one of two types depending on the condition of the tooth.

Simple Extraction:

If the tooth is loose, usually because the bone around the tooth has become weak, Using specialized dental instruments, our dentist will gently loosen your tooth and carefully lift it from its socket.

Surgical Extraction:

surgical rotten tooth extraction with surgical handpiece and high suction upper wisdom tooth, removing bone

A rotten tooth is usually rotten around the crown area only, which is the part of the tooth that shows in your mouth. The roots of the rotten tooth are still firmly in its socket and tightly held by its ligament. Because the tooth is rotten, most likely it will break so we will have to remove it surgically. This may include.

  • Raising a gum tissue flap
  • Trimming the bone around the tooth
  • Sectioning the tooth and taking it out in pieces

Can i drive after the Extraction

The only time you’ll need someone to drive you after getting a tooth pulled be it a molar a canine or even your wisdom tooth is when you have been sedated in any form, be it General anesthesia or Oral Sedation. Most wisdom teeth extractions don’t require a sedation and can be performed under local anesthesia alone. This means afterwards, you will be able to drive home without any problems.

Recovery and Healing after a rotten tooth Extraction

After our Dentist pulls the rotten tooth, he will place a gauze on the extraction site and tell you to bite down on it to control the bleeding. A blood clot will form in the extraction site, which acts as a natural barrier to protect the area. It is essential to avoid disturbing this blood clot to prevent complications such as dry socket. We always advise our patients to refrain from vigorous rinsing, spitting, or using straws in the initial days. (See tooth extraction post op instructions)
Pain Management: Over-the-counter pain medications will be prescribed so take as directed to manage any discomfort.
Swelling: Applying ice packs to the outside of the face can help reduce swelling if any especially if this is a rotten wisdom tooth.
Back to work/school: Most patients are able to resume work the next day especially if it was a simple extraction. If not, you may be looking at 24-72 hours before you can go back to your regular activities. Remember every extraction is different and the healing experience would vary even for the different tooth in the same mouth.

tooth extraction healing at different stages during recovery

Maintaining good oral hygiene by gently brushing and flossing around the extraction site is important, while avoiding the direct site for a few days. Consuming soft foods and avoiding hot and spicy substances can aid in a smooth recovery. Following the post-extraction instructions will promote proper healing and ensure a swift and comfortable recovery process.

Rotten Tooth Extraction Cost Houston TX

It is important to know that every extraction is different even in the same mouth so there is no one price that fits all when it comes to Dental extractions. Our Dentist needs to physically examine the tooth, review x-ray of the tooth then, combine both information to accurately make a diagnosis and determine how to SAFELY and effectively pull it. Rotten tooth extraction cost ranges from $150 – $250 for a simple extraction in Keem Smile Dentistry Houston TX 77084. A rotten tooth extraction that has to be surgically removed may cost from $250 – $500. The higher band of the cost is usually reserved for impacted wisdom teeth. Those often are not erupted or are growing in ways that pose certain risks during removal. That, coupled with being rotten makes it more costly to remove rotten wisdom teeth. There are a number of other factors that may affect the Total cost of a rotten tooth extraction. Complexity of the case, Dental Insurance, type of anesthesia used as well as any additional services that may be required hence, It’s essential to come in for a consultation to get a personalized treatment plan and an accurate cost estimate based on your individual circumstances.

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Financing Options for Rotten Tooth Extraction

We offer multiple payment options in a bid to make payment and the overall Dental experience a pleasant one.We accept multiple forms of payment including credit cards, Health and savings cards(HSA). We also offer Third party financing like Care credit that would provide funding for qualified patients at 0% interest rate for 6 Month Same as cash. Be sure to contact our office and we can discuss better whatever options we have to help you; we work with our patients.

PPO insurance accepted.

dental insurance companies logo cosmetic dentistry-minKeem Smile Dentistry is an In Network Dental Provider with dental insurance Carriers like Cigna, MetLife, Delta Dental and many more. We only accept PPO Plans and will file insurance claims as a convenience to you. We offer in network pricing as set by your Dental insurance provider ad we will work with you to understand your coverage and benefits so as to utilize your benefits optimally.

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