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Simple Tooth Extraction

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$ 150
Self Paid

Surgical Tooth Extraction

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$ 250
Self Paid

Keem Smile Dentistry

Affordable Tooth Extraction Dentist Office on 6434 Highway 6 N, Houston TX 77084.

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Affordable Low Prices

The average cost for a tooth extraction in Houston can range anywhere from $300-$500 per tooth. At prices starting at $150 Our prices for teeth removal are unbeatable plus we do not charge extra for Exam and X-ray. We guarantee this is the best price you can get at any Private Facility in Houston to have your tooth extraction.

Experienced Dentist

Lead Dentist Akeem AJAYI B.D.S D.D.S is a Licensed Dentist in the state of Texas. He has over 15 years' experience in the Dental Industry, has practiced across multiple states in the USA and abroad and has successfully without complications extracted thousands of Teeth. Experience does matter you are in the best hand.

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Minimal Invasive Surgery

Not all Dentists have the ability to pull a tooth minimal invasive. In fact, not all Dentist can remove tooth. Most Dentist would refer extractions to specialist. We are able to remove most wisdom teeth in house and we will do a minimal invasive surgery without causing too much damage or bone loss so that you can have the fastest recovery time possible.

Pain Free Procedure

Many Patients do fear to go the Dentist because of the fear of pain and some other anxiety. Here at Keem smile Dentistry, our Goal is to ensure you have a pleasant Dentist experience. We cure patients' anxiety for Dentist with our approach to pain free procedure. We make teeth extraction look so simpl you will be glad you chose us.


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Free Exam/X-ray With Your Consultation

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Schedule your appointment to get your tooth extracted with us and, you will receive a free Dental Exam and Panoramic  X-ray. (Self paid patients only)

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