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Keem Smile Dentistry is In-Network with most major Dental Insurance with PPO plans.

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Over 50 Dental Insurance Accepted

Keem Smile Dentistry is In Network Provider with more than 50 dental insurance Carriers PPO Plans. We file insurance claims as a convenience to you and will work with you to understand your benefits coverage and how to apply to achieve optimum dental and financial health. This list is updated regularly so if you don’t see your plan listed below, just call to ask. For Dental plans that we are not in network with, we can still see you and we can work with you to utilize your insurance benefits.

  1. Metlife / MetDental
  2. Cigna Dental
  3. Guardian Dental
  4. UnitedHealthcare
  5. Delta Dental
  6. Aetna Dental
  7. Humana
  8. BlueCross & Blue Shield
  9. Principal Financial
  10. Sun Life e.tc

PPO vs HMO vs Savings Plan

Before you choose your dental insurance plan based solely on cost. it is very important to understand what you are giving off and if the cost saving is much more valuable than your health because when it comes to which plan you should settle for, it will all depend on your current or expected health needs not necessarily or solely the cost. Paying the lowest possible monthly premium may appear right for you now, as time goes on you might want more flexibility. Hence, you should understand the Major difference between both Dental Plans. PPO Dental Plans, HMO Dental Plans and Savings Plans.

PPO Dental Plans

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PPO plans, or “Preferred Provider Organization” plans, are one of the most popular types of plans in the Individual and Family market. It is a network of doctors, hospitals and health care providers who agree to provide care at a certain rate. PPO plans allow you to visit whatever in-network physician or healthcare provider you wish without first requiring a referral from a primary care physician like an HMO.
This simply means you are not limited to providers who are in-network and patients have the flexibility of choosing whichever Dentist they like. With a PPO, you do not need to maintain a primary care physician, and can see a different doctor of your choice at any time, including specialists. This also means when you are traveling, you can receive care wherever you are These Flexibility allows us to see all patients with a Dental PPO Insurance Plans and we are also in Network with over 150 of them including all the Major Dental Insurance carriers like Cigna Dental, Delta Dental, Blue Cross Blue shield, MetLife ETC and because we are in Network, Patients enjoy the additional benefits of choosing a Dentist in Network. HMO vs PPO read more

HMO Dental Plans

Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) provide health insurance coverage for a monthly or annual fee. An HMO limits member coverage to Dental care provided through a network of doctors and other healthcare providers who are under contract with the HMO Only except for Emergency cases as defined in the HMO plan for each Insurance.
These contracts both allow for premiums to be lower than for traditional health insurance since the health providers have the advantage of having patients directed to them but they also add additional restrictions to the HMO’s members as regards choice of Doctors and covered services. HMO plans require that you select an in network primary care provider for yourself and dependents however you can change this anytime but the challenge is always with finding Hospitals that accept DHMO plans as most Dental offices do not accept these plans or only accept a few of them. Currently, 2024, Keem Smile Dentistry is not in network with any HMO plans. All other Dental Insurance carriers we do not accept the DHMO plans, the ones we do it’s  just the PPO Plans.

Dental Savings Plan / Discount Plan

Dental Discount plans sometimes called Savings plans are not Insurance.
A lot of patients seems to confuse the two together but they are very different. a discount dental plan may be worth considering if you don’t have dental insurance. These discount plans aren’t dental insurance. They are a type of membership, similar to a warehouse club, but rather than getting bargains on food or clothing, you get discounted prices of up to 60% on dental services with Dentist who are in Network with the Discount Plan and covered services is usually limited in scope. Keem Smile Dentistry currently does not work with Discount plan or savings plan providers. How Discount Dental Plans work

We are In Network With Most PPO Insurance

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Keem Smile Dentistry is an In Network Dental Provider with more than 150 dental insurance Carriers including major carriers like Cigna, MetLife, Delta Dental and many more. We only accept PPO Plans and will file insurance claims as a convenience to you. We offer in network pricing as set by your Dental insurance provider ad we will work with you to understand your coverage and benefits so that utilize your benefits optimally.

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