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We Accept Patients Without Dental Insurance

We offer a full range of Dental services all at affordable rates in our state of the art office on HWY 6 Houston TX 77084 to patient with Insurance or No Insurance. We Understand about 40% of Americans go without dental insurance, a percentage significantly higher than the share of Americans without health insurance. Many of the people who have no dental insurance go without simply because they don’t know their options or cannot afford it or even due to negligence. Whatever the reason, Our Mission is to provide Quality Dental Services to all our patients at an affordable rate with or without Insurance. We will work with you on how to access that much needed that dental service without creating a cavity in your pocket and advice you on options and alternatives that can save you money for your dental work.

No Dental Insurance No Problem

With all of the confusion today about dental insurance, what is covered as opposed to what is not and continuosly rising premiums and deductibles. So many Americans do not have Dental Insurance. But your lack of Dental Insurance does not mean you have to stay away from the Dentist office nor does it mean you can not get access to Affordable and Quality Dental care in Houston TX because you do not have Dental Insurance. Our Mission at Keem Smile Dentistry is to make Dental care accessible to all. Towards accomplishing this goal, we have a few policies like Free Emergency Exam and X-ray, Veteran and Senior Discounts. This is in addition to Keem Smile Dentistry having one of the lowest costs for Dental Services in greater Houston area. We strive to keep our fees affordable, without sacrificing quality. Your care will be exemplary, and you will have an overall pleasant and affordable experience at our office because we value relationships.

How much is my first visit going to cost me?

I have no Insurance and need to see the Dentist. Lucky for you you have found Keem Smile Dentistry Houston where you can acurate Diagnosis of your oral health at no cost if you are a patient without Dental Insurance. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy mouth. So our dental care is not only thorough, but also affordable and accessible to all. Don’t have insurance? No problem. Your first visit for a comprehensive exam and X-rays is free. We will take X-ray and Our Dentist will do a physical Examination of your mouth after which the Dentist will present you with diagnosis and possible treatment options.

Senior Citizens Enjoy a Huge Discount by Choosing Our Affordable Dentist Office in Houston

Finding affordable dental services can be daunting for aging parents and a headache for family members coordinating their care. Retirees, after all, often lose dental insurance after leaving their work, and Medicare sometimes does not cover all the necessary procedures like Oral Surgery, fillings or dentures that seniors often need. At Keem Smile Dentistry, we cater to people from all walks of life, including your elderly loved ones and offer senior citizen who visits our affordable dentist office on 6434 Highway 6 N, Houston a 10% discount* on all Restorative, Cosmetic and Oral Surgery Procedures.

Military Personnel and Veterans Save a Lot of Money by Visiting Our Affordable Dentist Office in Houston

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Keem Smile Dentistry Honors and Love our veterans as well as the men and women currently serving in the military. It is with this sense of admiration and our way of saying Thank you for service offer a 10% Discount on Oral Surgery procedure when you visit our dentist office in Houston. You Get Prompt and Quality Dental Care at Affordable rate.

Great and affordable dental services don’t need to come with a hefty price tag. Get quality Dental services at a price you can afford. We take pride in being one of the most affordable of the top dental clinic in Houston TX! Come see why. To schedule a new patient Free Consultation, Please Call our office today (832) 906-6127

Promotions and Offers

Offers are only for limited time only and they cannot be combined with any other promotions, financing, payment plans or Insurance.

New Patient special
Treatment over $3000

Tooth Extraction Cost Without Insurance

Tooth Extraction cost for patients without insurance in Houston TX at Keem smile dentistry in 2022 ranges from $150 – $400 with an average cost of $250 depending on the condition of the tooth being extracted. Sometimes, the tooth may be impacted, this essentially means the tooth is covered partly or in whole by gums, bones or another tooth. Sometimes the tooth may be cracked, broken or rotten to the gum line which increases the challenge of getting to the tooth to remove it and hence the cost of removing the tooth. The tooth may also be a loose tooth which makes it relatively easy to remove so the cost will depend on the condition of the tooth

Patient Dental Financing Options

We offer multiple Financing options in a bid to make payment and the overall Dental experience a pleasant one. Event though we are affordable and our prices are low cost. We understand sometimes, patients do not have the cash at hand to make the payment for the services required there and then. Sometimes you have to wait out the pay period but tooth ache or whatever Dental Emergency you have does not really understand.

Hence, we accept multiple forms of payment including credit cards to enable our patients make payments with their bank at no additional charges. We also accept Health and savings card. Because we have had an increasing number of Defaulters in the past. For now, Keem Smile Dentistry has stopped offering in House Payment plans simply because we are a small business that does not have the staff strength to go after every bad debts. However, We do offer payment plans for multi step Procedures like Dental Implants, Dentures and Crown that require multiple visit to our office before they are completed so patients can pay as you go. There is also the option of Third party financing companies like Care credit, AJEVA etc that would provide funding for qualified patients at 0% interest rate for 6 Month – 2 years Same as cash. Multiple Dental Specials are always going on and Sliding Scale fees for services be sure to contact our office and we can discuss better whatever options we have to help you.

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We make every effort to keep down the cost of your care. We accept most types of dental insurance, plus have special offers for patients without insurance. and Third Party Financing with upto 6 Months 0% APR


Dental Specials

No Insurance? You can Still Enjoy quality dental care at affordable rates with the specials we are currently offering. For Applicable situations, we also offer sliding fee scale.

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Services we provide

We provide Extensive high-quality dental care Services in Our state-of-the-art facility Located at 6434 Highway 6 N Houston TX 77084. We provide several dental services in-house so our patients can avoid the need to be referred to other offices For your preventive services like check up to Oral Surgery and advanced restorative services like Dental Implants, check us out. Our Dentists know How Important it is to have a Pleasant Dental Experience at an affordable rate.

Dental Crown

Tooth crown also known as Dental Crown usually made of porcelain is a cap that covers over and protects the complete enamel of the tooth

Deep Cleaning

Dental Deep cleaning also known as Scaling and root planing is the instrumentation of the crown and root surfaces of the teeth.

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