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Regular Dental Checkup helps prevent tooth loss and saves patients Thousands spend on Restorative Dental Treatment.

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Affordable Dental Checkup Houston TX

Keem Smile Dentistry Houston TX is your source for the most comprehensive Dental checkup. Our practice offers premium preventive dental care designed to help you achieve and maintain healthy teeth and gums as well as a beautiful, confident, lasting smile. Our Aim is to help you avoid tooth Pain, tooth decay , gum disease to list a few among many issues related to your oral health. That way, you never have to extract a tooth or spend thousands on Cosmetic dental services. Regular Checkup are designed to achieve just that. Our experienced dentist and dedicated team of dental support professionals are committed to your oral health and to making your visits to our office as pleasant as possible.

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Why Go For A Dental CheckUp

Dental check up is necessary to prevent tooth damages and Peace of Mind. There is a direct link between visiting the dentist regularly and keeping your natural teeth. If you want to ensure that you have full mouth of healthy teeth, visit the dentist for regular checkup.  A professional is able to thoroughly evaluate your mouth and to detect potential problems or early detection so they can be fixed quickly and easily.

Why come for a check up ? "I feel just fine"

This is usually the case until a tooth ache has forced them to come in only to realize so much damage has been done to their teeth. Now they have have to spend hundred to  thousands of Dollars to save their tooth or be forced to have it extracted. They would then have to spend even more to replace it. Suddenly Dentistry is very expensive NO, Neglect is. 

I have a good oral hygiene

Another argument is that i have a good oral hygiene which is very important by the way but good oral hygiene alone just isn’t enough if you want to keep all of your teeth but maybe in some cases well most cases if you have some select favorite tooth /teeth that you want to keep. The fact that you do not feel a pain doesn’t mean everything is fine! Do not wait till you start feeling pain before you come in for a checkup. Dental exams gives us the opportunity to evaluate your current methods of dental care and provide suggestions for future care in order to protect you from complications such as cavities and gum disease. 

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How Often Should I Go For A Dental Checkup ?

We all know that it’s important to visit the dentist for regular dental checkups and to treat any oral health issues. But how often should you be seeing your dentist? The answer can differ depending on your overall oral health, general health and your risk factor, our dentist will be able to advise you on how often you need to come in.

Patients With Medium to high caries/cavity risk?

Dental Cavities on a teeth

For instance, a patient with a lot of cavities will need to visit us more frequently for Tooth cleaning and checkups. Patients who have had a recent cavity is a pretty big red flag. When you have recently had a filling done, that treats the cavity but it doe not change the causes or condition of yout mouth / habits that developed that led to the cavity in the first place. This kind of patients need to visit our office every 6 months 

Patients With Plaque Build Up and or tartar


When plaque builds up on your teeth, it eats away at the enamel, causing cavities and decay. In addition, bacteria from plaque can cause bad breath and turn your teeth yellow. Most plaque will harden within 48 hours of formation, and within several days it will become so hard that it is almost impossible to remove. This hard substance is tartar and the only way to remove it is to see your dentist for a professional scraping of your teeth. When these happens, patient would need a Deep cleaning and would be required to visit the dentist every 3-4 months for a Dental check up and perio-maintenance.

How Often Should Children come for dental check up?

Children in particular need to visit a dentist frequently, with a maximum of 6 months between appointments. As teeth grow in, problems can arise, such as misalignment, teeth growing in the wrong direction, and other serious concerns that can be corrected more easily if they are caught early. X-rays allows a dentist to monitor teeth as they develop and spot any potential issues and treat them at an optimal time. More so because kids start brushing by themselves at this age, they often do not do a thorough job and would often need a professional cleaning every now and then.

People with certain habits will benfit from regular dental checkups?

There are other high-risk groups that could potentially benefit from more frequent visits, including:

  • Pregnant women
  • Smokers
  • Diabetics
  • Those with a history of gum disease
  • Those with compromised immune systems
  • Those with frequent cavities or consistent issues
    You should also immediately schedule an appointment with us if you suspect that a problem may be developing or if a tooth is broken or chipped. Delaying treatment of an injured or diseased tooth can make the damage worse and lead to more permanent harm

What Happens During A Dental CheckUp

Our dental Checkups always start with a review of your medical history, current medications and other factors that might affect your dental care. Then the a thorough evaluation of your entire mouth including an oral cancer screening. We will also take x-rays, when needed, using low radiation digital x-ray technology. We even have an intra-oral dental camera to show you what we see in your mouth. After thoroughly examining your dental condition, A comprehensive treatment plan, with recommended treatment and ongoing care will then be formed for you by the dentist. 

How much does a dental check-up cost?

 While it’s crucial to maintain good oral health, not everyone can afford to pay for potentially expensive treatment. Choosing a dentist that is both high in quality and fits within your budget is a great way to ensure that you start booking in every six months for regular check-ups to take care of your teeth. Keem Smile Dentistry offers affordable Dental check up in Houston TX at prices starting at just $49 for kids and $ 69 for Adults. This includes :

  • Comprehensive Dental Exam
  • Full X-rays
  • Prophylaxis
  • Fluoride application

Patients with insurance do not have to pay anything out of pocket for a Dental check up as most insurance covers this service

How long does a dental check up take ?

Dental check up for existing patients will last around 30 Mins start to finish ( Exam and Cleaning ). Dental check up for new patients can last from 45-60 Minutes depending on the condition of the tooth. New patients will often require that we take X-rays in addition to the Doctor or hygienist doing a physical exam and then the cleaning.

Benefits of A Regular Dental CheckUp

Save your natural tooth

Save Your Teeth: The biggest cause of tooth loss in adults is gum disease Followed by decay and those two wont hurt or cause you any pain until its too late. Regular Dental check ups can help you save your teeth.

Keep Your Smile White And Bright

Keep Your Smile White And Bright:  Regular tooth cleaning which is part of the dental check up removes any stains on your teeth caused by tobacco, coffee, tea, wine, cola, fruit juices, curries, soy sauce, beetroots, etc., ensuring your smile is white, bright and ready to dazzle!

Protect Your Overall Health & Well Being

Protect Your Overall Health & Well Being: The Mouth is the window to the body, your Oral Health is your overall health. There have been some recent studies showing that people who have regular dental check ups have lower overall healthcare costs due to early detection of diseases.

Regular Dental check up can help save your life

One of the most unforgiving forms of cancer is oral cancer. Part of your regular dental check up will include the dentist analyzing your mouth for early signs of these type of cancer . Early diagnosis is vital for the successful treatment of oral cancer.

Lighter on your wallet

Lighter on your wallet: A dental health check up is relatively inexpensive, and just like your car, if not maintained regularly, it will lead to costlier expenses down the line. Do not scrimp on your oral health as it will come back to haunt you later. A filling if left for too long leads to the tooth needing a crown then Root canal crown and possible extraction and replacement and the cost just keeps going up with each additional procedure.

Keep bad breath at bay

Bad breath can be avoided, and a regular health check up is the first step in combating halitosis. Not only does a regular cleaning prevent bad breath but it removes built up tartar and calculus, resulting in a fresh and clean mouth making you look and feel better.

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