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Molar Tooth Extraction: Procedure, Cost and Healing Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Whether you need your upper or lower molar removed, or you’re concerned about the cost, it’s important to be informed before making a decision. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about molar extraction, including the cost and what to expect […]

Front Teeth Crowns

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Front Teeth Crowns Can Transform Your Smile Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Front teeth, also known as the upper incisors, play an important role in your smile and overall oral health. Crowns are a type of dental restoration used to cover damaged or decayed teeth, helping to restore their function and appearance. If you are considering […]

I want all my teeth removed replaced

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I Need All My Teeth Removed and Replaced – Dentist in Houston Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Are you tired of hiding your smile due to damaged or missing teeth? Keem Smile Dentistry, a leading dentist office in Houston TX 77084, has the solution you’ve been looking for – full teeth replacement. Our experienced and expert […]

Tooth Extraction Implant Same day Houston Dentist

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Tooth Extraction and Implant Same Day in Houston TX Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp In the evolving landscape of dental care, same-day procedures have gained immense popularity, particularly for treatments like tooth extractions, Same Day Crowns and Dental Implants all thanks to advances in Technology. At Keem Smile Dentistry, we offer the convenience and efficiency of […]

wisdom tooth removal recovery

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Wisdom Tooth Removal Recovery – What to Expect Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Before or after getting a wisdom tooth (or 3rd Molar), it’s natural to have questions about what to expect during the healing process. Each individual’s experience will vary, but there are some general stages of healing that most people go through. This article […]

Get Relief from Severe Tooth Pain

patient wearing glass applying ice on face after tooth extraction to prevent swelling

Get Relief from Severe Tooth Pain Don’t wait see a dentist Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Ultimately, the best approach to get relief for a patient experiencing severe tooth pain will depend on the severity and extent of the damage to your tooth. Whichever treatment you decide, it is important to address this issue promptly to […]

cavity filling procedure

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Composite Cavity Filling Procedure What to Expect Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Dental fillings are a common dental procedure that is used to treat cavities or decay in teeth. If you have a cavity or tooth decay, your dentist will likely recommend a tooth filling to restore the tooth’s function and prevent further damage. In this […]

Toothache Treatment Options Tooth Pain Relief

patient wearing glass applying ice on face after tooth extraction to prevent swelling

Toothache Treatment Options for Tooth Pain Relief Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Toothache is a common dental problem that affects people of all ages. It is characterized by pain, sometimes excruciating and unbearable pain around the head or a mild discomfort in or around a tooth. In some cases, the pain from toothache may be severe […]

10 Surprising Diseases dentist detect check up

Health Issues Your Dentist can Diagnose During A Dental Check up

10 Surprising Diseases Dentist Detect During Check up​ Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp During your routine dental check-up, Dentists aren’t just looking for gum disease or cavities; they might also find signs of stress, oral cancer, and other serious conditions your dentist can uncover important clues about your overall health. Hence, Regular dental check-up is not […]

can i drive after tooth extraction

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Can I Drive after Tooth Extraction, is it Safe to Drive Myself Home? Table of Contents Should You Drive after Getting a Teeth Pulled ? I have a terrible toothache and the tooth needs to come out as soon as possible. Will I need someone to drive me home after the tooth has been extracted […]