February 3, 2023

Average cost of wisdom teeth removal surgery in Houston

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If you are looking to get your wisdom teeth removed and you live in Houston TX or within Driving distance in Nearby cities like Katy Spring Cypress or Tomball. You can get your wisdom Teeth Removed for an Average Cost of $250. But $250 is Only an average. sometimes, it might be more and it might even be less. How do we decide when wisdom tooth removal will COST more or less ? Wisdom Teeth Removal are basically broken down into three categories depending on a number of factors.

Perhaps the most important factor but not the most expensive one would be the Position / location of the Wisdom Tooth in the mouth.

Categories of Wisdom Removal by Teeth by Position in mouth and cost effects

Wisdom teeth removal are usually categorised into four categories based on how they are positioned in the mouth:

Full bony impacted and partial bony impacted wisdom teeth Dental xray

Average Cost of a Full Bony Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

This type of wisdom tooth removal is the most difficult because the wisdom tooth is completely stuck in the jaw. In this case, the average cost of wisdom teeth removal is $300. Other complications like closeness to the nerve if its on the mandibular jaw or the sinus if its on the Maxillary can make the cost go significantly higher.

Average Cost of a Partial Bony Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

In this case, wisdom tooth removal involves extracting a tooth that is partly stuck in the jaw. In this case, wisdom teeth removal cost will average $250

Average Cost of Soft Tissue Impacted Wisdom Teeth Removal

This type of wisdom tooth removal is less complicated because the tooth is just stuck under the gum and cutting the gum open will easily reveal the tooth without having to remove any bones. The average cost for this type of wisdom teeth removal is $250

Average Cost of Fully Erupted Wisdom Teeth Removal

This type of wisdom tooth removal is the simplest of all types of wisdom teeth extraction and its usually the most common . As illustrated in the image above the tooth has already appeared in the mouth  hence the Dentist has an easy access to it to extract. The average cost for this type of wisdom teeth removal is $200

Wisdom Teeth Removal Asleep or Awake ?

Another very important factor that affects the cost of wisdom teeth removal is Sedation. Do you want to stay up during surgery or put to sleep ? Your choice of sedation can more than double the total cost of the Surgery. Since wisdom teeth removal sometimes involves a surgical sectioning of teeth/bone removal,local anesthesia alone is enough for the removal in most cases to manage pain during the procedure. Local anesthesia would not lead to an increase in the wisdom teeth removal cost but in the case of patients with dental anxiety, they might need to be put to sleep via intravenous sedation (IV sedation).

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