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Wisdom teeth are molars that are among the last to emerge, typically erupting when one becomes an adolescent around the ages 17-25. Our Dentist will often recommend taking your wisdom teeth out because they are or can cause problems for you. When it comes time to finally get rid of those troublesome molars, usually 4 of them, some have more, some have less. Lead Dentist, Akeem AJAYI DDS is frequently asked, “Should I have all four wisdom teeth removed at the same time?”

Should I get all four wisdom teeth removed at once?


If you can afford to and the Doctor has diagnosed that you need to have all four wisdom teeth removed, then you are better off having all four wisdom teeth removed at once. There are a couple of reasons why we feel this is best for you. Some of which are discussed below but the most obvious one would be your comfort. If you can get all 4 wisdom teeth removed at once with just one experience of discomfort, why then should you experience multiple discomforts. Keep in mind that the number of teeth that are removed at a time does not necessarily affect the level of discomfort post-surgery for most patients.

Do I have to get all 4 wisdom teeth removed at once?

No! you do not have to get all four wisdom teeth removed at once. If you so choose, you can have only one wisdom tooth pulled at a time. 

When you need all four wisdom teeth removed, it however is best to get them all done at once. We believe this is best for most patients. Here’s why:

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Advantages of getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed 

There are Pros and Cons to everything in life. Having to go through surgery one time we believe is a better experience than having to go through surgery multiple times. A single experience of discomfort that’s less costly relative to multiple experiences of discomfort that is more expensive.

  1. Recovery and Healing time from Wisdom Teeth Extraction will be about the same. Regardless of how many wisdom teeth are removed at a time, patients normally experience the same level of overall discomfort. With good aftercare and strict adherence to post op instructions, extraction sites and your gums can heal simultaneously with one single discomfort as opposed to individually. If you have to go through surgery numerous times.

  2. Affordability, Multiple extractions Discount For obvious reasons, having a separate procedure for each wisdom tooth extraction is more expensive than having one for all four. You’ll be paying for several office visits, extra surgical charges, and quadrupled or tripled anesthesia costs if you price everything out separately. Why pay for two, three, or four surgeries when all four teeth may be extracted in one? Not to mention, most dental offices offer some form of multiple extractions discounts which makes the wisdom teeth removal cost cheaper.

How long does it take to remove all 4 wisdom teeth?

how long does all 4 wisdom teeth removal takes

Even inside the same mouth, every patient and every tooth is unique. It may take 10 minutes to 60 minutes to remove all 4 wisdom teeth, depending on the difficulty and intricacy of the teeth. Plus, any additional time, the Doctor needs to get ready. This includes Consultation, X-ray, and local anesthetic administration. Dr Akeem removes wisdom teeth on a regular basis, so you can expect a very safe and efficient procedure.

Cost to Remove All 4 Wisdom Teeth

An array of multiple factors may influence the cost of a wisdom teeth removal. Teeth removal is categorized by the American dental Association into about 6 different categories to make the case simpler for patients and providers. Each tooth depending on which category it falls to will cost $150 – $400 for each tooth for patients without insurance. On average, patients will pay around $999 for all 4 wisdom teeth Removal in Houston TX. Patients with Dental Insurance typically pay less, and most offices also offer multiple extractions discounts when doing all four wisdom teeth removal during the same appointment.  

Do All 4 Wisdom Teeth Come in at the Same time?

wisdom_teeth_location-in-the-mouth-upper and lower

No! All 4 wisdom teeth do not always come in at the same time, but they will always be the last set of teeth to come in. As a general rule of thumb, lower teeth usually erupts before upper teeth and teeth in both jaws erupt in pairs one on the right and one on the left. It is most common for the bottom row to erupt before the top. It is also not unheard of for the top to erupt first and it is also possible for one set to come in while the other doesn’t. Several factors can influence the permanent tooth eruption pattern such as Heredity, how they are growing and the condition of the tooth and size of the jaw.

Is it rare to have all 4 wisdom teeth?

No, it is not rare at all to have all 4 wisdom teeth in fact having four wisdom teeth is the most common. Some patients have less than 4 while some have more than 4. In this instance, the extra wisdom teeth are called supernumerary teeth. Having less or more is rare relative to the number of people that have all 4. So if you have all 4 wisdom teeth you are actually in the majority not the minority.

Do they put you to sleep when you get all 4 wisdom teeth out?


NO! You do not necessarily have to be put to sleep for all 4 wisdom teeth removal. All 4 wisdom teeth can be safely and painlessly removed while the patient is fully awake with the mouth Numbed with local anesthesia. While Most patients are just fine with a local anesthesia to pull all 4 wisdom teeth, this is not always so for all patients, especially those who have had a terrible experience or have a very high level of anxiety and low tolerance for pain. Discuss your concerns with your Dentist

Recommendations after getting all 4 wisdom Teeth Removed

Antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications are administered after surgery to reduce the risk of infection and inflammation. In the days following surgery, patients may encounter swelling and mild discomfort. Painkillers might be used to relieve the discomfort if necessary. Patients should adhere strictly to post op instructions after the removal to ensure that the bleeding stops, the blood clots and healing progresses smoothly.

  1. Avoid any stressful activities We strongly advise you not to indulge in any intense activity after having all four wisdom teeth removed to help speed up the healing process. This includes any activity or exercise, as well as carrying any heavy objects that may disturb the wound and delay the healing process. Strenuous exercises can cause a blood clot to slide off, and they also eat up energy that the body needs to heal and fight off infections.
  2. Be on a Soft Diet It’s critical to avoid eating anything that will irritate the wound that could cause discomfort and or slow down the healing process. Chewing hard food, for example, can produce a rip in the wound which could delay healing. Eating hot food may get into the wound and cause inflammation which could also delay healing. Consume soft foods at room temperature. This will not cause tissue injury. You’ll obtain all the nutrition you need without harming the wound this way.
  3. No Smoking after wisdom teeth removal Smoking is especially harmful to any mouth wounds. Smoking stops blood from clotting, which is necessary to keep wounds from bleeding. Apart from that, smoking causes your mouth to fill with heated ash and fumes, which can irritate the wound. If you are a smoker who has just had oral surgery for all four wisdom teeth, PLEASE, DO NOT SMOKE until the wound has healed.
  4. Rinse with salt and warm water After all four wisdom teeth have been removed, rinse your mouth with a salt and warm water solution every four hours. This is beneficial in a variety of ways. Any bacteria that can infect the wound are killed by the salt in the water. As a result, the wound heals faster and the danger of infection is reduced. Rinsing your mouth with saline water can also help reduce swelling and inflammation in the afflicted area.

Recovery Time After all four Wisdom Teeth Removal.

Lady driving driving in car after wisdom teeth removal-min-min

Recovery time after getting all four of your wisdom teeth removed is similar to the time it will take to recover after having just one wisdom tooth pulled. The main difference  is that you have healing going on simultaneously on different extraction sites in your mouth. They may heal at the same time or vary slightly depending on if it was a simple or surgical extraction. Tooth extraction healing typically goes like this :

  • Bleeding stops and blood clot forms within 24-48 hours,
  • Gum healing from 2-6 weeks 
  • New Bone formation in the hole left behind by the tooth in  4-6 Months. 

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