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Inc. Free Exam & Xray For Self paid patients only Exclude Wisdom Teeth

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Our primary goal here at keem smile Dentistry is to help you maintain your oral health. A very important part of that is helping you keep your natural teeth, as many of them as possible. But quite unfortunately, sometimes we have to pull out a tooth usually when the tooth is damaged beyond repair or when the patient is in pain and they cannot afford the cost to save the tooth (Root Canal and or Dental Crown)

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The Need for Affordable Tooth Extraction

Because of these reasons and a  number of other factors, people have to undergo a tooth extraction every now and then. However today, the rise in almost all Medical treatment, Dental included at a rate higher than the income of most Texans and Residents of the greater Houston area, in particular, would make many people reconsider this procedure and at times even neglect their Dental health completely. Recent studies by the ADA show that most people will often put off a visit to the Dentist because of the cost.

Patients can often go weeks sometimes even months living with a toothache or living on pain pills because they just cannot afford the cost to pull out their tooth.

What makes our tooth extraction Affordable

We at Keem Smile Dentistry have a number of options to extend affordable tooth extraction services to Houston Residents and Texans in general. We understand the need to put people before profits and that has enabled us to bring low cost affordable tooth extraction to a reality for our patients in Houston TX.

Do you Need a Tooth Extracted ?

If you are in need of a tooth extraction, do not let the potential cost stop you from getting the dental service that you need. In fact, you will be surprised by the prices as well as the payment options available for tooth extraction. It is also important to note that the hunt for cheap teeth removal should not come in the way of quality dental treatment. you need not sacrifice health and quality of treatment when it comes to affordable tooth extraction in Houston Tx. You can EAT YOUR CAKE AND HAVE IT here at Keemsmile. Tooth Extraction can be pain-free, fast, minimally invasive, and very affordable if you visit our office at 6434 Hwy 6 N, Houston TX 77084

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Low-Cost tooth extraction

What is important to know as far as the prices for tooth extraction goes is that every tooth is different, so is every extraction and the cost to pull each tooth is also very different. But regardless of the condition of the tooth, our prices are still very very affordable. Our Tooth Extraction prices start at $80 for baby tooth extraction compared to an average of $150 in Houston and Permanent tooth extractions at an average price of $150 based on the condition of the tooth. A tooth may be loose, it could be decayed, or broken to the gum line, you may also need multiple extractions, all of these can affect the time and ease of pulling teeth hence, the difference in the cost. Depending on the condition of your tooth, the cost of your tooth extraction may cost slightly more or even less than the average.

Free Consultation for Tooth Extraction

affordable impacted wisdom teeth removal houston tx 77084

When you choose Keem smile Dentistry for your tooth extraction, you already begin to save with our free consultation services for self paid no insurance patients who need to have a tooth pulled. Sometimes toothache can affect a whole section of the head and patients cannot really tell which tooth is hurting or where the pain is coming from specifically. Only a Dentist can accurately diagnose the source of a toothache and identify which tooth would be pulled to stop the pain. Oral Evaluation is a service that’s worth from $50-100. Here at keem Smile Dentistry, when you need a tooth extracted, oral evaluation is free. These savings overall ensures that you can get your tooth pulled at affordable rates

Free Dental X-ray with your Affordable tooth extraction

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An oral evaluation is not enough to diagnose the condition of a tooth. More often than not, X-rays like PA, bitewing, and/or Panoramic are required to show the condition of the tooth in bone and detect any infections if any. Also with proper X-ray, the risk of complications can be evaluated such as Sinus Exposure and Nerve damage. If our Dentist feels you need an X-ray of your teeth taken, you can get your X-ray taken at no additional charge with same-day treatments. X-ray cost would not add to the total cost of the tooth extraction when you choose us for affordable tooth extraction services in Houston TX

Price Match Guarantee

We do not want you to live through the pain because you cannot afford to get your painful tooth extracted. True you can get your tooth pulled at a Dental School for perhaps a lesser price than we offer in our office but that would usually take days before they can get you in. When they do, you will be seen by a Doctor in training whose level of expertise cannot match that of our veteran Dentist with over 15 years of experience. Asides for these and the occasional Free Dental Services that roll by in Town once in a while, Keem Smile Would price match whatever your private Dentist might have quoted you to have your teeth pulled just present a detailed and signed treatment plan. 

Your Primary Dentist cannot get you in early enough

Your Dentist already took an X-ray and did the consultation and gave you a treatment plan but they do not have a Dentist in-house to do the surgery so you have to wait another 3 weeks before you can get your teeth pulled. Present your signed Dental Treatment plan at keem smile dentistry, and we will get you in ASAP and the price match more often will beat the price because we offer one of the most affordable tooth extraction services in the greater Houston area.  

PPO Insurance Accepted

Do you have Dental Insurance? You do not have to search endlessly for a Dentist in network with your Dental Insurance and if they do accept your insurance, do they do extractions? Keem Smile Dentistry is in network with Aetna Dental, Cigna Dental, Met life / Met Dental, Delta Dental, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and Guardian Direct Dental Insurance carriers and will accept most Major Dental insurance plans that are PPO. We will also offer in-network pricing i.e prices set by your Dental insurance to help you get the most savings from your Dental insurance and to get your teeth pulled at the lowest possible out of pocket costs.

0% 6 Month Financing 


Even though our tooth extraction service is ultimately very low cost and very affordable. Toothache can happen at the worst of times where our budget or finances is a little off and we just have to wait for the next pay cheque before we can afford to do the extraction out of pocket. We offer Financing options with up to 6 months 0% interest rate Same as cash and no upfront cost. You can actually get your tooth pulled at affordable rates without having to pay anything if your application for financing was approved and you would have 6 Months to make the payment.

Affordable Tooth Extraction for No Insurance patients

For those who may not have any type of health insurance, dental insurance, or state-provided health care plan, our financing options are especially very useful for patients that qualify. The total cost will be calculated and can be divided up over a few months to make the total cost of the extraction more easily affordable. Patients that do not qualify for no interest financing may qualify for other financing options that would require some form of upfront payment usually between 10% – 20% of the total cost of the tooth extraction This will need to be arranged before services and you may need to pay a percentage of the cost upfront before any dental work is performed. You can also find dental offices that offer affordable tooth extraction, call us at 832-906-6127

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Frequently asked questions

Do you need a tooth pulled immediately?

Our Office is open Monday to Saturday from 9-5 and accepting patients who need their tooth pulled As soon as possible in Houston. Our Office is located on 6434 Hwy 6 N, Houston TX 77084 Walk-ins are welcome, and we offer same day Emergency Tooth Extraction. We do not charge extra fees because you have an emergency, and we have a doctor in house always available to pull the tooth same day be it simple or surgical tooth extractions like impacted wisdom tooth. We however have an obligation to see our patients who have an appointment first. Just bear with us we will get to you even if we have to stay open late to get you out of pain

Does Insurance cover tooth extraction?

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Most insurances (including HMO and PPO) cover tooth extraction as this is still considered a basic service by most insurances here in the USA. This Includes both government and private insurance. Percentage of coverage will vary depending on the type of extraction (Coverage is usually 80% or 50% of the cost). It is not uncommon to find an Insurance carrier that will cover simple extractions but not surgical extractions. Coverage will also depend on the type of plan you have with your Insurance carrier.

How long does it take for your gums to heal after tooth extraction ?

tooth extraction healing timeline

This will vary from individual to individual. It will also depend on which tooth we are talking about and if it was a simple or surgical extraction. Either way, complete healing of the gums after a tooth extraction will take about 4 – 6 weeks. It should however be noted that healing starts with blood clot formation and that is why you should not do anything that will distort the clot like spitting continuously, rinsing vigorously, eating/drinking warm or hot stuff, smoking, drinking alcohol and the use of straw to drink following an extraction. It takes about 6 months for the socket (new bone formation) to fully heal.

What is the average cost of tooth extraction without Insurance?

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How much does it cost to have a tooth extracted? The average cost of a single tooth extraction in Houston is $250. Depending on the type of extraction / condition of the tooth (simple/surgical ) this can go as high as $400. It should also be noted that surgical extraction is mostly commonly associated with wisdom teeth extractions, rotten or decayed teeth. If you need to pull any tooth other than wisdom tooth, it will cost from $150 – $250 at Keem Smile Dentistry. This price is assuming there are no “possible complications” which happens only 5% of the time. 

How long should I wait to eat after getting a tooth pulled?

How soon can I eat and or drink after a tooth extraction? You can eat and drink shortly after you get your tooth extracted as long as the numbing has gone away and the bleeding has stopped. It just has to be a food you don’t have to chew. It must be a food that you only swallow. If you must chew, you should wait at least 2-3 hours after getting a tooth pulled before chewing. This is because the numbness from the anesthesia usually lasts about 3 hrs during which if you try to chew on anything, you might bite or chew on your tongue, cheek and lips unknowingly causing more damage to your mouth. So wait till the effect of the anesthesia has worn off before chewing. It is also advisable to be on a soft diet after getting a tooth pulled. Cold coffee is allowed but hot coffee, hot drinks/foods, soda and spicy food should also be avoided. Also no straws for drinking for 48 hours.

Can the emergency room pull a tooth?


Only a dentist is trained and licensed to perform dentistry hence a tooth extraction procedure. So no, emergency room doctors can’t do more than prescribe antibiotics and/or painkillers. This is to suppress the pain but it doesn’t fix the problem and you will still need to see a dentist. Either way, you are better off seeing a dentist as the cost of an ER visit is usually higher than an Emergency Dental visit. Also, you won’t have to wait forever if you visit a dentist office unlike ER. We see emergency/walk-in patients at Keem Smile all the time.

How much does a tooth extraction cost with insurance?

Out of pocket cost for tooth extraction for patients with some form of Dental insurance Coverage like Cigna, Delta Dental etc. will depend on the Insurance fee schedule, Deductible and type of plan that you have with your insurance carrier. Typically, most patient with Dental Insurance and coverage for extractions pay under $150 for extraction at keem smile Dentistry. 6434 HWY 6 N, Houston TX 77084. Surgical extractions like wisdom teeth that require removal of bone or sectioning of tooth will cost a little bit more depending how impacted the tooth is.

Can I go to work after getting a tooth pulled?

lady holding coffe walking to work after wisdom teeth removal houston tx 77084

A simple answer to this would be yes you can go to work after getting a tooth pulled, but that would leave out so many other important factors that needs to be considered before you decide to get back to work after getting a tooth pulled. The time it takes to return to work is relative to the type of extraction, type of anesthesia used, overall health status and how well you follow the post op Instructions. Even though we expect some pain or discomfort after the anesthesia wears off, this can easily be managed with the prescribed pain medication. The best practice however is setting aside about 24 – 48 hours after tooth extraction for recovery to avoid post operative complications. Patients with jobs that require more vigorous activities will want to take more time off and avoid pain medication that might make them drowsy

Is it dangerous to have a tooth pulled?

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Tooth extraction is a minor surgery with very minimal risks. Still, it is worth putting the risks in perspective. While there is no accurate figure as to how often tooth extractions get bluffed, it is estimated that only 1 in about 365,000 patients suffer a brain injury or death when they are sedated during a tooth extraction procedure. Having the procedure done without being put to sleep reduces the risk significantly. Other complications might include infection spreading, bleeding or nerve damage; all of which are relatively uncommon. Nerve damage can mostly be avoided with a good 3-dimensional X-ray.

Is tooth extraction painful ?

Does tooth extraction hurt? No! Getting a tooth Pulled should not be painful. It might sound scary though especially considering that a lot of patients have dental anxiety and are scared of the dentist. The truth of the matter, however, is dentistry has really evolved with so many new tools and techniques for surgical extraction and pain management. The dentist would usually administer local anesthesia to numb the extraction area so that you don’t feel pain while the tooth is being pulled. You could also be put to sleep so you sleep right through the procedure. Dentistry has evolved from the days of pulling teeth with the dentist’s knee on your chest! Older generations would understand this better. Discuss pain management with your doctor and tooth extraction should not hurt.

Pain Free and Affordable Tooth Extraction
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