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With a vision redefine dental care service to that which genuinely cares for patients and empathizes by putting patient Health interest first always. We are on a mission to give hope and change lives because good oral health and bright smiles build confidence and change lives. We Offer free Exam & X-ray with same day treatment. We are one of the Few Dentist Near me in Houston that offer dental services at very affordable rates, just read what our past customers have to say on our google reviews.  Because we are all about patient satisfaction. It will be a pleasure to serve you.

Akeem AJAYI B.D.S, D.D.S

Lead Dentist

New York University College Of Dentistry

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Dental Services we provide

We provide Extensive high-quality and affordable dental Services in Our state-of-the-art facility Located at 6434 Highway 6 N Houston TX 77084. We provide several dental services in-house so our patients can avoid the need to be referred to other offices For your preventive services like check up to Oral Surgery and advanced restorative services like Dental Implants, check us out. Our Dentists know How Important it is to have a Pleasant Dental Experience at an affordable rate.

There is no questioning the necessity of oral care, Sometimes it doesn’t matter how careful we are, our teeth can give way to wear and tear. Sometimes its genetics other times it could even be our diet and or oral hygiene. To avoid the inevitable, it is important to choose an Affordable Dentist in Houston TX. If You are looking for an “affordable dentist near me” look no further, Keem Smile Dentistry is happy to let you know that we are an affordable dentist ofice in Houston serving the entire greater Houston area including nearby City’s like Katy, Cypress and Spring.

Affordable rates by Affordable Dentist, 15+ years of experience,

Affordability and high-quality are not mutually exclusive so high-quality dental care doesn’t have to come with a sky-high price!! Our Affordable Dentist has extensive continuous education, years of experience and is very compassionate. This is coupled with the luxury of operating in a fully equipped, state-of-the-art Low radiation Digital Facilities. At Keem Smile Dentistry, we believe that you don’t have to skimp on service in order to provide affordable dentistry – we can do it all! We work hard to respect our patients’ individual budgets by providing flexible financial options, but we never sacrifice quality in the name of affordability. In addition to dental insurance and financing plans, we accept most major debit and credit cards. We want to work with you to make sure you get the care you need when you need it, so don’t hesitate to talk with us about your financial options.

Senior Citizens Enjoy a Low cost Dental services by Choosing Our Affordable Dentist Office in Houston

Finding a quality and  affordable dentist in Houston can be daunting for aging parents and a headache for family members coordinating their care. Retirees, after all, often lose dental insurance after leaving their work, and Medicare sometimes does not cover all the necessary procedures like Oral Surgery, fillings or dentures that seniors often need. At Keem Smile Dentistry, we cater to people from all walks of life, including your elderly loved ones and offer senior citizen who visits our affordable dentist office on 6434 Highway 6 N, Houston a 10% discount* on all Restorative, Cosmetic and Oral Surgery Procedures.

Military Personnel and Veterans Save a Lot of Money by Visiting Our Affordable Dentist Office in Houston

Keem Smile Dentistry Honors and Love our veterans as well as the men and women currently serving in the military. It is with this sense of admiration and our way of saying Thank you for service offer a 10% Discount on all Oral Surgery procedure when you choose our Affordable dentist in Houston. You Get Prompt and Quality Dental Care at Affordable rates guaranteed.

Great and affordable dental services don’t need to come with a hefty price tag. Get quality Dental services at a price you can afford. We take pride in being one of the most affordable of the top dental clinic in Houston TX! Come see why. To schedule a new patient Free Consultation, Please Call our office today (832) 906-6127

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Affordable Dental Financing Options

We offer multiple payment options in a bid to make payment and the overall Dental experience a pleasant one. Even though we are affordable, and our prices are low cost. We understand sometimes, patients do not have the cash at hand to make the payment for the services required there and then. Sometimes you have to wait out the pay period but tooth ache or whatever Dental Emergency you have does not really understand.

Hence, we accept multiple forms of payment including credit cards to enable our patients make payments with their bank at no additional charges. We also accept Health and savings card. Because we have had an increasing number of Defaulters in the past. For now, Keem Smile Dentistry has stopped offering in House Payment plans simply because we are a small business that does not have the staff capacity to go after every bad debt. However, we do offer payment plans for multi-step Procedures like Dental Implants, Dentures and Crown that require multiple visit to our office before they are completed so patients can pay as you go. There is also the option of Third party financing companies like Care credit, SUNBIT etc that would provide funding for qualified patients at 0% interest rate for 6 Month Same as cash. Multiple Dental Specials are always going on be sure to contact our office and we can discuss better whatever options we have to help you.

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We make every effort to keep down the cost of your care. We accept most types of dental insurance, plus have special offers for patients without insurance. and Third Party Financing with upto 6 Months 0% APR


Dental Specials

No Insurance? You can Still Enjoy quality dental care at affordable rates with the specials we are currently offering. Call us to learn more

Dental Insurance accepted

Keem Smile Dentistry is an In Network Dental Provider with more than 150 dental insurance Carriers including major carriers like Cigna, MetLife, Delta Dental and many more. We Accept most Plans and will file insurance claims as a convenience to you. We offer in network pricing as set by your Dental insurance provider ad we will work with you to understand your coverage and benefits so that utilize your benefits optimally.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to see a Dentist at Keem Smile Dentistry is currently $0. Our Affordable Dentist Currently offers New patients without insurance Free Exam and X-ray and for patients with some form of Dental Insurance, Insurance will cover the cost to see the Dentist for a consultation and X-ray. So either way, Patients pay Zero Dollars put of pocket so see a Dentist in our office. *Free Consultation does not include prescriptions*

Yes! Patients without Dental insurance are always welcome at keem smile Dentistry.

Yes we accept insurance! You do not have to look any further for a Dentist that accept your Insurance and is in network with your Insurance carrier. We accept all PPO Dental Insurance and we are in Network Dental Provider with over 150 Dental Insurance carriers.

We Offer Multiple Financing options for our patients. Some of which inlcudes: Ajeva, Lending Club, Bankers Healthcare group and Care Credit. Our Finaning options will provide patients for 0% APR from 6 Months to 24 Months same as cash depending the total cost being financed. These enables patients to get there Oral Health in a perfect condition and make payments instalmentally at a later date. patients who do not qualify or 0% APR financing may qualify for other options that charges little interest.

Yes we offer Payment plans but for select services like Dental Implants, braces and for patients who qualify. We currently do not offer payment plans for tooth extractions.

Walk-ins are always welcome at keem smile Dentistry and we will make our best effort to make sure that you receive whatever treatment you may need sameday but we appreciate you have an appointment just to reduce wait time because we will always prioritize patients with appointments. Except for Patients with Pain related Dental Emergency.

Yes! We are currently accepting new patients in our office at 6434 Highway 6 N, Houston TX.

No! We currently do not accept HMO Plans

Yes we accept medicaid for children under 18 years and Medicare advantage plans for adults who have dental coverage

As at 2019, Our flat fee for Self paid/Cash Patients for a Porcelain/Ceramic dental crown is $650. There are no hidden fees with our cash prices. Patients with Insurance may pay less depending on type of coverage with your Insurance.

Baby tooth Extractions cost $100. Extractions categorically categorised as simple extractions go for $150 – $200. Surgical extractions based on the level of complication may cost a little more usually between $200-$350. This is a flat fee as there are no additional charges for anesthesia, Prescription or X-rays.

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